Twitter round up for February

In case you missed them, here’s a round-up of my tweets from February. There’s some really interesting links here, and it looks like I even managed to tweet on Valentine’s day, when I should have been doing something much more romantic instead! Enjoy…

  • 29 Feb / Achieving Accessibility in SharePoint 2010 – free report to download link
  • 24 Feb / SharePoint as a Social Business Hub: Tips to Transform link
  • 22 Feb / Lovely infographic : Quickstart Guide to Social Media for Business – great for starting a conversation! link
  • 22 Feb / 14 Social Media trends – obvious, less obvious and interesting! link
  • 21 Feb /How should large media organisations handle their blogs? link
  • 20 Feb / Responsive design – the new buzzword and with good cause! Responsive WordPress themes here: link
  • 20 Feb / DigiComms Managers – come out of your shells – be proud of your endeavours – it’s Digi Awards time: link
  • 14 Feb / jQuery and SharePoint 2010: the Basics link
  • 13 Feb / Social media as accessible, valuable, background noise (video). Thought provoking! link
  • 12 Feb / What happens to your digital life when you die? Bit sensationalist but definitely a thought provoker (video). link
  • 11 Feb / 50 Social Media Tactics Pres (it’s aimed at non-profit orgs but I think many of the tips are generic). V Good: link
  • 11 Feb / 7 SharePoint predictions for 2012. link
  • 8 Feb / Sky News clamps down on Reporters’ use of Twitter. link
  • 6 Feb / Interesting Q&A with Ford’s Social Media Manager link
  • 3 Feb / Social media monitoring guide. £250 but looks excellent and a superbly informative free exec summary: link
  • 2 Feb / Interesting FREE webinar looking at how to make the most of video in your social media strategy: link

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